Tuesday, December 09, 2008


On the lighter side this a.m....

Don't know if anyone's taken notice of this Globe "Nation Builder of 2008" award thingy that they've got underway, the one seeking to choose someone who deserves "special recognition for making a major contribution to Canadian society this year." I had to laugh heartily at one nomination offered up last night. See if you agree:
R. M. from Regina, Canada writes: I nominate Mike Duffy, television journalist. In our type of political and economic structures, the media plays a key role and no greater role is that played by those in the media who play the role of commentators/investigators. Mike Duffy is seasoned and reasoned. I am very confident he is respected and admired by the vast majority of those he works with and covered. His awards and nominations are testament to that. I appreciate his candour, his sense of humour, his insight and his ability to be balanced and fair. That is no mean feat, just ask the tightrope walker in the circus!