Monday, December 29, 2008

Lid placed back on the jar

Yep, looks like it was a case of rogue politicking by Mr. Bruinooge: "Harper stiff-arms talk of reopening abortion debate." Or, we'll also accept "slow news week" for $200, Alex.  

It's always fascinating to watch the tension over such issues occasionally and publicly erupt within the Conservative party.  The ongoing need to keep the lid on those within the party that can do damage to their electoral fortunes is, well, an ongoing reminder of why a majority has been and will be difficult to attain for the Conservative folk in the near future.  

Besides, as the Citizen report notes, there's more difficulty on the horizon for the Conservatives, as party members voted to resuscitate a version of C-484 at their recent policy convention.  But the Justice ministry didn't want to comment earlier today about any new legislation in this area, despite Justice Minister Nicholson's August promise to bring forward a bill "..that would make pregnancy an aggravating factor for judges to consider when sentencing in assault cases."  Could be tense.  So while it certainly looks like the Conservatives are distancing themselves mightily from Bruinooge and his front page attention getting "crusader" billing, I'd say, stay tuned...