Monday, December 29, 2008

Lightning rod

More in the Globe this morning, front page to boot, on Conservative MP Rod Bruinooge's mission: "'Pro-life' debate gains modern crusader." Front page. That's an awful lot of attention for an issue Harper supposedly doesn't want his party reopening. Bruinooge is confirming that there is indeed some secret society up there on Parliament Hill:
The abortion debate is about to enter a "new era" of advocacy for the rights of the unborn, says a Conservative MP who recently took over the chairmanship of a secretive, parliamentary anti-abortion caucus.

The all-party caucus will publicize what it views as inadequate abotion regulation, and push for legislation to restrict abortions, Winnipeg MP Rod Bruinooge said in an interview.
Well, since they are MP's and all, I would hope that this secrecy charade will soon go by the wayside. It's a little too 007-ish, bordering on ridiculous. So if this "caucus" does become public, it will be interesting to see which MP's stick with Bruinooge's push given some of the language he's used in this Globe report and the CP report yesterday. It's not exactly the stuff of quality advocacy what with the sideshow talk about kidneys. Plus Bruinooge seems like a bit of a "lightning rod," pardon the pun:
Mr. Bruinooge said that his party leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is well aware that he is involved in a campaign to advocate for precisely what Mr. Harper does not want to see - the reopening of the abortion debate.

"I'm under no illusions that this is going to be an easy course," Mr. Bruinooge said. "There are some parties that suppress pro-life thinking. There could be consequences for those MPs in other parties. I know there have been some political parties that have chosen to remove their members for having a certain philosophical viewpoint."
Remove their members for their stance on this issue? No examples are coming to mind on that score. I'm not sure Bruinooge's helping his cause with this characterization that immediately stakes out this "secretive" caucus as martyrs who could be subjected to punishment in "other parties." He's walking a fine line here. It's also a rich spectacle to hear a Conservative speaking about "other parties" suppressing viewpoints. That's the Conservative specialty.

As stated last night, it's odd timing and more importantly, those "other parties" are decidedly and majoritarily pro-choice. With his publicity push, Bruinooge could be helping to put the kibosh on his secret movement's efforts before it ever makes a splash.