Saturday, December 06, 2008

Rally day

A few points...

Bob Rae's speech (mp3) is a must listen today (big h/t for providing the audio and a text excerpt). Is there a politician in Canada today who can give a more rousing speech? It's a good one that makes the case against Stephen Harper, I highly recommend giving it a listen.
Do you want to live in a country where the Prime Minister basically says that people who don’t agree with him or who try to do things differently are traitors? Are unfaithful to their country? Or lack patriotism? And I’m telling you – there is only one way to stop that. There’s only one way to stop it.

You cannot appease this man. He cannot be appeased. There is no point pretending that we can. It is essential for all of us understand.
We cannot afford division. We cannot afford to be disunited. We have to stay together, stay disciplined and stay focused. And stay respectful of one another. And even respectful of those people who say “I don’t think this is the right thing to do.” . . . You say, “Fine. Let’s have that discussion.”

What I know in my bones is that if we give Mr. Harper a vote of confidence at the end of January we will live to regret it for the rest of our lives. The democratic rights that he wanted to take away with that economic statement – they are the steps that he wanted to take. Those steps are not gone. Those steps are simply sleeping. There is nothing in what he has said since then that leads me to believe that he is sorry, has changed his mind, or is prepared to mend his ways. And everyone here knows that those are the steps that are crucial before you can say you are on the road to recovery. This guy ain’t on the road to recovery; he’s on the road to ruin. And I don’t think we should be following him down that road.
The BCer in TO has the must see video of the day:

Looking at what's going on across the country today, it seems that the more that the Harper supporters disseminate propaganda portraying the opposition as treasonous for simply reflecting the majority will of Parliament, the more they are sowing the seeds of their defeat. How is the opposition supposed to react to cabinet ministers and former Conservative candidates referring to the coalition as "unholy?" They're not ceasing with the scorched earth rhetoric in the wake of the GG's prorogation and their supporters are reflecting what the leadership is telling them:
They gathered by the hundreds today at Reg Cooper Square in London to defend Stephen Harper and accuse coalition leaders who want to replace him of being thieves, liars, thugs and traitors.

Three hundred people chanted “shame” at a rally that drew Conservative leaders and supporters from as far away as Sarnia.
Signs at that rally in London:
- The Liberal-Separatist Coalition — An Axis of Evil.

- No to the Three Tenors.

- Layton-Dion: Guilty of Treason.

Many also carried Canadian flags, including Jim Holden, who carried his from his home in Sarnia. “Everybody needs to show up and support the government that the Liberals and NDP are trying to steal,” he said. (emphasis added)
It's getting very ugly out there. It's beyond time for the PM, occupying the highest position of public trust in this country, to start reining in the treasonous catcalls and "coup d'etat" rhetoric.