Tuesday, December 02, 2008

This is how Conservatives fail to govern

Umpteenth reason why they evoke no confidence in the House of Commons, prioritizing their own political viability over critical issues facing Canadians:
Government officials and political aides were deeply concerned about critical media coverage at the height of the listeriosis crisis, new documents show.

Notes taken during daily conference calls with political staff and public servants suggest much of the time was spent scrutinizing the tone and tenor of news reports.

The notes show officials were attuned to criticism that the government took too long to inform the public about the outbreak of the deadly disease.

One note implies officials were as concerned about communications as they were about managing a public health scare that has so far claimed 20 lives.

"What is the process for alerting the public to cover off (the) 'it took too long' angle?" it says.
Covering off while issues require substantive attention. A timely reminder of Conservative government standard operating procedure.