Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday morning notes...

Just a few things this morning...

1. Peter Russell describes the Harper Supreme Court appointment announced yesterday as a "stumblebum" process. Heh...:) I guess that's a bit of an improvement over "authoritarian," Russell's other well-known term to describe Mr. Harper's style of governing.

2. Oh, so the plan was to nominate the opposite of "luminaries" to the Senate...well, that should please all the appointees today. So respectful of our institutions, this clever chess master, this must be why his base is expanding so handily....um, forget that.

3. Duffy in dreamland yesterday:
"There's nothing wrong with being a Conservative. They're a fine group. And so are the Liberals," he said, noting that he's received congratulatory e-mails from Liberals and New Democrats. "So I don't think I have any apologies to make on that score."
Duff Conacher of Democracy Watch said appointing journalists who cover Parliament Hill raises questions about the independence of the media.

"I wouldn't think any journalist would want those questions raised," he said.
One would think...