Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yes, this is remarkable

Why do I feel like raining on this little parade today? Conservative Minister and Cadman case spinner James Moore picked as one of "Ten to Watch in 2009: Sixth in a Series of Remarkable People, Places or Things." This is one of the "remarkable" people to watch in 2009? Why? Are we expecting big developments on the Cadman file this year? I haven't been following this Globe series, but I think I'll be looking for comparison's sake from here on in.

Moore is 32, and as the report notes, was elected to his B.C. seat six years out of high school. He was a radio broadcaster during that time, apparently. So his main claim to fame is basically that he's an effective communicator and covered the PM's derriere on the Cadman allegations. Presumably, he will be continuing in this role. No perspective on that matter added to the Globe report, namely that Moore's very public pronouncements that the Zytaruk tape had been doctored turned out to be, well, highly dubious and undermined by various tape experts. This really should tend to discredit those vaunted communication skills and cause people to think twice. But never mind, he's "one to watch." After all, he says things like this: "I believe, absolutely, in Stephen Harper." Just watch him.

Additionally, underneath the communication skills, who's to say what his substance is? He's not particularly educated, although it is true, as noted in the article, that Moore had the benefit of French immersion in high school. And he hasn't really done much of accomplishment other than speak decently to the national media. He's like this generation's Perrin Beatty. And if you're sitting out there asking, who's Perrin Beatty, well, that's the point.

Yet Moore's one to watch in 2009. Kind of makes me think this is symptomatic of what is wrong with our politics.