Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Implosion: a follow-up

A reader is wondering what has happened to two key staffers at the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples in the wake of Patrick Brazeau's ascension to the Senate of Canada. Al Fleming, former Director of Communications as recently as January 7th (see post here which reproduces part of a Globe report from that day and in which Fleming defends Brazeau) appears to have left the organization. Further, the reader notes that Lorraine Foreman, former Chief of Staff at CAP, also appears to have left. See the contact information of the organization, here.

Some questions posed by the reader: "Both individuals appear to have left the scene, leaving an organization without guiding direction, approval processes... so how are they now functioning??? Are current staff being paid, and by whom??? Has the abandonment of CAP been part of the long-term planning process?"

In light of recent questions on Health Canada's audit of CAP and request for moneys to be returned and questions about the governance of CAP, the operation of the entity in Brazeau's wake bears watching.