Saturday, January 31, 2009

It depends on what the meaning of out of favour is...

There's reality: Gerard Kennedy is opposition critic for Infrastructure, Cities & Communities; Martha Hall Findlay, the critic for Public Works & Government Services.

And pictures too:

And then there's this:
Not: Musical chairs: Gerard Kennedy and Martha Hall Findlay. The two Toronto MPs and sweethearts of the St├ęphane Dion era are out of favour now that the Ignatieff team has taken over. There had been grumbling in the caucus over the fact that Mr. Dion had given the rookie MPs coveted front-row seats in the Commons while long-time Liberals were relegated to the back. Ms. Hall Findlay is now in the second to last row and Mr. Kennedy is right up against the curtains.(emphasis added)
Also noted GK and MHF in the media this week, speaking on the budget. Yes, the seating was noticed this week and it's not surprising it showed up in the "Hot/Not" item. But in the grander scheme, I'm sure the work is what's important, not such considerations of optics.