Sunday, January 25, 2009

Monday is Baird budget leak day

Everybody gets their turn!
Baird has scheduled a news conference for Ottawa on Monday where he's expected to flesh out an infrastructure strategy that will form a key part of the Tory game plan.
There was no word Sunday on details of Baird's strategy, but a government insider confirmed his announcement would be budget-related and qualify as "good news."
Really?  That has to be the most clever anonymous spin I've heard in has all the subtlety of a ten-pound sledgehammer.

I wonder how these cabinet ministers really feel at having to go out and sell this budget for their political lives after the fall update fiasco.  From Greg Weston's column earlier today:
Conservatives were generally underwhelmed with the results of the last election, and put much of the blame on the PM and his advisers.

But nothing has damaged Harper's leadership more than the follies of last fall's fiscal update that almost made Dion prime minister of a coalition government with Jack Layton.

As one cabinet minister put it recently: "That whole mess started a lot of talk in the party about the PM's time being in decline."
Factor that into this week's goings on too.