Wednesday, January 21, 2009

That inconvenient Parliamentary Budget Officer

Why must you be so diligent, Kevin Page?
In a new analysis posted on his website, parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page says the federal government will rack up between $46 billion and $105 billion in new debt over the next five years, even before Finance Minister Jim Flaherty introduces massive new stimulus spending on Tuesday.
There's another projection released today as well, also confirming that the Harper Conservatives have put us into deficit all by their lonesomes before taking action over present economic difficulties:
The conclusion is similar to that of economist Dale Orr of IHS-Global Insight, who places the shortfall at $65 billion over four years prior to stimulus, and at about $115 billion once Ottawa is finished trying to pump up the sagging economy. (emphasis added)
Here's the key point from Page's report (click to enlarge):

Conservative economic mismanagement laid bare by independent sources, well-timed in advance of their budget machinations.