Friday, January 30, 2009

Will the "little cheques" continue to roll in for the Conservatives?

Think the idea of axing political party financing will be back in the near future? A clue from the very talkative Tom Flanagan:
"Mr. Flanagan said the budget may cause a number of party members to curtail donations.

“I think it's absolutely essential for the party to keep its core supporters onside, and there wasn't that much in this budget that really speaks to those core supporters,” he said.

He cited as an example the drop-off in contributions in 2000 for the Canadian Alliance, a forerunner of the Conservative Party, when it began to have troubles under leader Stockwell Day.

“All these 100,000-plus donors are writing their little cheques because they believe in a cause and – I don't know what's going to happen – but when Stockwell Day got into trouble that was the first really big sign. The money stopped coming in.”"
Yes, they have a fundraising advantage that won't be in immediate jeopardy. But this kind of talk from the Conservative illuminati and obvious disgruntlement can't help with the motivation these days.  So the better choice would be to hedge their bets for the foreseeable future. Besides, the poisonous stench that would surround such a move would again lead people to question Mr. Harper's steadiness and we can't have that:
Flanagan noted that Harper alternated last fall between conciliation and trying to "slit the throat" of opposition parties and he vacillated over the seriousness of the recession and the probability of running deficits. After so many mood swings, Flanagan said Harper needs to "rehabilitate himself."
With friends like these...well, you know.