Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yet another name for the Harper succession sweepstakes

Lawrence Martin with a column that should make the PMO's day: "Talk of drafting Hillier stirs the political pot." Those talking up Hillier are vouching that it's a legitimate thing:
"Have you heard about the movement to draft Rick Hillier?" Someone popped the question at a gathering this week at Ottawa's Rideau Club of the think tank 20/20. "It's serious," the well-connected source added. "It's really happening." A quiet thing, the source said. Too early to get out front on.
Heh, it's so quiet they're leaking to Lawrence Martin. Who knows how serious such efforts are. Could be someone just wanting to send a message to Harper in case he has any bright ideas about pulling a November-update tactic again next in, watch yourself, we've got leadership options and we're willing to set them in motion.

An entertaining read. I'd add that Hillier's somewhat of a one-trick pony though, can't imagine him performing well on a breadth of issues.  Another obvious question would be whether he would have much appeal in Quebec. Speak French? Hard to see it. But I'd welcome him in trying.

A better choice for a leader out of the Maritimes would be one of the Impolitical blog's faves, Danny Williams. But, of course, he's likely burned too many bridges within Conservative circles over the past few years. The federal Conservative party is likely just too darn conservative for Mr. Williams in any event, he of the Progressive Conservative variety. Too bad. That would be a great addition to a Conservative race.

Conservative leadership speculation in the morning, too fun to pass up...:)