Saturday, February 07, 2009

Duffy mocks Premier Ghiz's intelligence

Mr. Harper must be so glad about his Duffy Senate pick. He's at it again today, apparently on tour now, "...speaking Saturday at a Conservative gathering in Halifax." Why has Duffy decided to unleash himself against the premier of the province he's supposed to be representing?
Duffy continued the combative language Saturday during a 20-minute speech replete with references to Ghiz as a Rambo-wannabe who couldn't match his father's intellect and Williams as a pest who's making a career out of "barking" at the prime minister.

The remarks follow a week of recriminations from MPs and senators, some of whom called his comments in the Senate "offensive" and "sexist."
Duffy said Saturday that the two premiers should be working with Ottawa during the economic crisis and use "statesmanlike" language and "civil discourse" to further their cause.

In the next breath, the former journalist took a swipe at Ghiz by conjuring up the memory of his dead father, a former Island premier.

"Joe Ghiz knew what he was doing. Joe Ghiz was a very smart guy and I'm afraid Robert, well anyway, I'll just leave it at that," he said to laughter.
How absolutely crass is that remark. I'll leave it at that too.

How does any of this showy comic act help convince Premier Ghiz that the course he has taken is wrong? If anything, Duffy is discrediting his own arguments. Someone in this tale is not exactly a walking talking exhibit of smarts these days who should be mocking anyone. Being new on the federal governance scene, you'd think he'd be aware of his green status and not be presumptive about lecturing anyone, let alone premiers about the positions they should be taking. It's truly bizarre.