Saturday, February 07, 2009

How much have Conservative donors spent on Harper's failed Cadman lawsuit?

Well, to repeat the news of last night, Mr. Harper, the supposed victim of vicious smears at the hands of nasty Liberals - has dropped the case. From CTV:
Sources have told CTV News that Harper "was going to lose" and thus, dropped the suit.
Et tu, Bob? Now if I were a donor to that party, this might cause me some distress. Because if I am a donor to a political party, I surely believe that my hard-earned moneys are being put to good use by it. They are acting in a position of trust with my "little cheques" after all. This outcome does not look like it was worth it, whatsoever.

So just how much did this particular piece of litigation cost the Conservative Party of Canada? Well, we do know from Mr. Sparrow that the Conservative party was indeed paying the freight for Mr. Harper. While it's difficult to put an exact figure on the cost of Harper's now dropped lawsuit against the Liberals, we can look to the cost of the "in-and-out" lawsuit he's got going against Elections Canada for guidance.

As of the last media report on December 21, 2008, here, the Conservatives are likely to have run up a total of approximately $250,000 or so in the in-and-out litigation to pay their own lawyers. That's because Elections Canada's lawyer had been paid about that much and both parties' lawyers come from prestigious, expensive Montreal law firms. In addition to that Elections Canada civil suit litigation the Conservatives initiated, remember that the Conservatives are also having to retain counsel to respond to the separate investigation being done by the Elections Commissioner. So Conservative legal costs in the in-and-out legal disputes at large could well be in the half a million plus range.

So what could it be in respect of the Cadman case? They had to hire experts to analyze the Zytaruk audiotape, they've been through cross-examinations, motions and court appearances...could be in the 200K-250K range again, possibly more. Mr. Harper has had two separate, top lawyers from Toronto firms.

Could they be pushing a million in legal fees over the past year for all of this litigation? It's possible that they are indeed in that ballpark. All this litigation is a pretty expensive undertaking. And they just struck out big time on one of the suits. If I were a Conservative donor, I'd be looking for some 'splainin, big time...