Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Canadian Press lifts the lid on the Harper PMO's micro-management of the Obama visit to ensure that no one gets any TV time with Obama, except Harper: "Obama visit designed to remain Harper's show." What a petty picture being painted of the Harper staff effort here. Cutting the Ignatieff meeting with Obama down from 30 to 15 minutes, situating it at the airport in a hangar when this has not been tradition in the past with the opposition leader. Further, they're not televising the Obama meeting with the Governor General and the Governor General was unaware of that as of today. Consider Teneycke's response when asked to explain this unnecessary choice, representative of their tone:
When asked why the event would be restricted to still cameras alone, Teneycke replied: "That's a decision that has been made. . . . We can waste time by asking questions, but it won't change the answer."
How bizarre! Why would they prevent Canadians from seeing the Governor General, our head of state, meeting Obama live? There's a lot more in the report in terms of the lack of disclosure and the clamps on the media, all portraying a very uncelebratory effort from the Harper crowd. We'll see how this goes, but it appears as if they're misreading the mood of the Canadian public who likely want to see all of these events unfold, not have them suppressed by the PMO.

(h/t mattbastard)