Thursday, February 12, 2009

Late afternoon notes

1. Minister Prentice appeared before the environment committee in the House of Commons today. Apparently the new Conservative environmental policy is just to follow the Obama administration and say "Obama" as many times as possible in public. Here's their excellent p.r. cover to explain their shifting from do-nothing-global-warming-denial to do-whatever-Obama-wants:
Prentice told the committee that “under a more open-minded administration” an agreement could be reached on a cap-and-trade-system, a policy the Tories outlined in their own environmental plan.
Because the Conservatives have been nothing but "open-minded" on environmental policy, right? Well, at least they're being consistent. Their policies are made-in-the-U.S., through and through!

2. Gerard Kennedy on the infrastructure watch, continues to produce devastating numbers:
Meantime, Liberal infrastructure critic Gerard Kennedy said a new progress report released by Mr. Baird on Thursday demonstrates the weaknesses of the government plan. He said it showed that only four per cent of federal money budgeted for infrastructure was spent in the last fiscal year.
3. The first major paper to go negative editorially on Senator Brazeau, the Star today: wonders whether Brazeau was the most exemplary native leader Harper could have named to the Senate. Perhaps Harper was impressed by the fact that Brazeau is a card-carrying Conservative and sided with the government against the "native establishment" in the trashing of the 2005 Kelowna accord.

It would not be the first time that Harper allowed partisanship to cloud his judgment. Nor is it likely to be the last.
4. "RCMP probing alleged threats against N.B. principal over O Canada flap." In particular, this nasty episode:
The RCMP say they're focused on finding the person responsible for one particular face-to-face death threat and are counting on Millett' s co-operation to expand their investigation.
5. (REUTERS/Chris Wattie)

There's got to be a good punchline in here somewhere...Harper "high fiving" a mascot named "Sumi."