Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Memories of Cadman case predictions

Jonathan Kay on the Cadman affair, March 1, 2008:
The Cadman affair will prove to be the scandal that never was: All it will come down to is that the Harper Tories, in a sensible and humane gesture, offered Chuck Cadman a legally valid arrangement to ensure his financial affairs wouldn't be compromised by Parliament's tumult. It is the Liberals who will look stupid for being sucked in by a journalist doing his best impersonation of Dr. Evil ("One MEEEEELLL-yun dollars.") That $1-million figure must have looked so good to Stephane Dion and the Grits -- such a nice round number to hang a would-be scandal around. (emphasis added)
A certain blogger, March 13, 2008:
The long process of litigation has begun in which Steve too will be up to his ears in questions. Prediction, this one gets quietly settled a few years from now and no one gets any win out of it, particularly not Mr. Harper.
Good times...