Thursday, February 26, 2009

"No real issue, just sitting in (an) opposition riding."

That's the comment from John-Paul Fournier, head of capital planning in Indian Affairs on why a school to be built on a reserve was being delayed. Fournier repeats the comment in respect of another school, both found in emails uncovered by MP Charlie Angus. It's surprising this information actually got out given the sorry state of Access to Information in Canada these days.

What the political representation in these ridings has to do with building schools...that's a good question. There's an explanation offered, of course, that the note was simply to highlight that questions could be raised about the schools being delayed due to the ridings being represented by opposition members. Angus doesn't believe it and the fact that newly Conservative ridings in New Brunswick and norther Ontario are getting schools built on reserves is raising questions.

So what should we believe? In the wake of information showing that 78% of infrastructure funds spent since 2007 were spent in Conservative ridings...this is a tough one...

Good for Charlie Angus for uncovering this troubling information.