Sunday, February 01, 2009

To make book your tour of Parliament, contact Helena Guergis

It's been a while. One of my faves has provided some comic material, can't pass that up...

Radio Free Collingwood is on the job up there. Pointing out that the Guergis office is not:
While those wonderful tenpercenters come out error-free from a spelling and grammatical perspective (facts, not so much), the material that originates out of Helena Guergis’ office looks like it was written in English, sent to China to be converted to Mandarin, then reconverted back to English. While some of it could have easily been corrected with a quick use of spell-check, some of the malapropisms would be downright funny if it weren’t my tax dollars at work.

How else to explain her annual guide to Simcoe-Grey, which came out earlier this month (for instance, on page 14, ‘INCRESING’ instead of ‘INCREASING’; I mean, that one just leapt off the page and slapped me in the face).

Here’s a couple of examples of some twisted wording:

Page 3: To make book your FREE tour of the Parliament Buildings…

Page 2: It is with pleasure that I provide to you with a copy of my guidebook to Simcoe Grey.

The rest of the guidebook is much the same, with spelling goof-ups, and changes in grammatical tense. One would think that after four years, they’d be able to get it right.
I'm tellin' ya, the quality of representation from the Conservative folk is something to behold...:) While a few spelling and grammatical errors could be an aberration and are not necessarily a damning reflection on a given MP, in this case, well, it's just part of the comedy of errors.

And the larger point...Simcoe-Grey Liberals? You can't beat this MP? Talk about what really should be a vulnerable MP...ongoing sigh on this one.

(thanks to D for the tip)

Late night update: Runesmith points out that it's not just Guergis' office, Lisa Raitt's providing excellent Conservative quality material as well. Doh!