Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Women's Campaign School, March 27-29, 2009 in Vancouver

A departure for a moment from the usual political banter around here. Direct your attention this morning to this very worthwhile endeavour, the Women's Campaign School which will be held in Vancouver from March 27-29 at the SFU Harbour Centre. Jennifer Sweeney, the President of the Canadian Women's Voters Congress which runs the school, would like to extend an invitation to smart women from across Canada who are interested in politics, who are political aspirants or otherwise, to attend. The school is "pan-political" and the course is described as "...a unique 3-day training course offering women the tools they need to effectively engage in the political process, at all levels." Some of the sessions offered include the following:
• The ABCs of Government • Campaign Strategies • Securing the Nomination • Campaign Ethics • Media Relations • Presentation Skills and Public Speaking
See also the list of speakers, the schedule of sessions and testimonials from former participants which are all quite informative.

Of note, on the site you will see that 32 women graduates of the campaign school ran in Canadian elections in 2008, including at the school trustee, municipal, provincial and federal levels. 20 won.

The organizers assure that the event will be "an amazing 3 day immersion in politics." Now what could be better than that?