Tuesday, March 10, 2009

About time

"Harper heads to car country to deliver first major speech on recession." CP with "inside" notes on a Harper speech in Brampton tomorrow.  Interesting to see that Harper has for some reason decided to pen this one himself:
He spent this past weekend at his official residence typing away at Tuesday's address - one of the rare occasions on which Harper has written a speech from start to finish.

His 3,000-word address to the Brampton Board of Trade will be the most elaborate speech he has delivered this year on the state of the economy.

"It is a positive message," said Harper spokesman Kory Teneycke.

"The global economy is suffering what may be the worst combination of bad news since the 1930s - yet Canada has, in relative terms, been immune from some of the worst aspects of this.

"And those elements of our economy that are being hit, are being hit to a lesser degree than other countries."

Canada actually lost more jobs per capita than the United States last month, but the job losses began piling up far earlier in the U.S. and the unemployment rate there remains higher.

Harper hopes the message he trumpets - that it's better here than elsewhere - will resonate in the ears of Canadian voters.

He will bring a visual aid in the form of Power Point charts to illustrate his case. (emphasis added)
That's an interesting tact they're taking.  But "immune?" That's not the word that came to my mind when looking at an RRSP statement today. And it's certainly a rough word for those losing their jobs at the moment:

Those Power Point charts better be good...a big speech on the economy is something that's long overdue from the Harper government...