Friday, March 13, 2009

All Mr. Harper's distractions

The CP account of Harper's speech to Conservatives last night, demonstrating a little more clearly the partisan edge displayed by Harper in that speech. Further, we get a sense here of some of the discontent in the audience among Harper Conservatives. First, the attack, which illustrates why the PMO is not so keen to publicize such remarks:
In a recording obtained by The Canadian Press, Harper goes after the Liberals in a election-campaign style attack, saying the current situation would be much worse had they been in power.

"Imagine the stance Canada would have taken when Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists attacked Israel. Imagine how many Liberal insiders and ideologues would be now in the Senate, the courts and countless other federal institutions and agencies – I should say, how many more," Harper said to laughter.

"Imagine the costs of going through with the Kyoto and Kelowna accords with no plan to actually achieve anything on either the environment or aboriginal affairs. Imagine what a carbon tax would be doing to our economy in the middle of a global recession."

He twice pointed disdainfully to tax hikes U.S. President Barack Obama introduced for the highest tax brackets.
Imagine, imagine, imagine. I think Canadians are, Mr. Harper. On that last point, note that Harper apparently is still right there with Bush. Obama's tax hikes are on people making $250,000 and up and incredibly, given the mess the U.S. is in, Harper's against that. Yep.

The rest of the Liberal bashing, wondrously distracting stuff from current economic turmoil. Incredibly inflammatory fear mongering about his principal opponent here. It borders on the obsessive and sounds wildly out of sync on a day when jobless numbers are going through the roof, 300,000 lost jobs in the last four months. Yet nevertheless, here we are reading about the demons that haunt the PM in the national media.

Beyond the partisan slinging from Mr. Harper, Conservative discontent noted in the report that bears watching:
"Conservatives should stop having the internal debate in their head and all the philosophical arguments, and talk about hard specific ideas that make a difference in people's lives, have the courage to stand up and fight for the things we know are right," said Tom Long, a former leadership candidate for the Canadian Alliance.

"We have tried going out and selling things we don't believe in – how's that working?"

Said Michel Kelly Gagnon of the Montreal Economic Institute: "If you want to vote for a centrist party, you can vote for the Liberal party of Canada. They're very good at that."
Angst among Conservatives...that's a shame...