Monday, March 30, 2009

Blogging for a Harper Free Canada

Meet the new blog badge (and poster, click on the above picture to obtain an 8.5 X11 size poster).

After the end of the prorogation period, I had a few back and forth communications with designer, TT, who created the Harper Leadership Prorogation poster, about a new badge. TT is just one more motivated, talented artistic person who doesn't care much for the Harper Conservatives either, in the same vein as the gritgirl video movement. After I threw out a slogan to him, he thought about it and came up with this wonderful graphic design. Note the keys that are missing from the keyboard! And love that flag! A big round of thanks to him for his great work.

As for the slogan, "Blogging for a Harper Free Canada" is a big part, frankly, of what we do around here. One small clarification to make about it...Mr. Harper can live here in Canada, of course. We would just prefer that it not be as PM. That's the goal.

Feel free to use as a blog badge, if you like, or use the poster. Smaller versions appear below.