Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Building a Green Economy" with your advertising dollars

Further to the post at Maxwell's House earlier today, and FarNWide's post that's up right now, those government ads about the "action plan" that are inescapable when perusing major media sites really warrant some scrutiny. Here's one of the big offenders that's been seen on major media websites and one of my personal faves:

The Conservative government is "building a green economy?" How? Perhaps by paying advertising firms with taxpayer dollars. But in terms of substance, most of us missed the visionary "green economy" part in the "action plan." In fact, the "action plan" was heavily criticized as being the opposite of a "green economy" plan. And the Conservatives have cut back on environmental assessments for the next two years.

Other examples include one referenced in the Hill Times report, where the ecoEnergy renewable energy incentive program is cited as having been popular but there's been no more money put into what was a $1.5 billion fund. It's virtually out of money. Contrast it with the billions being put into a similar effort in the U.S. Yet Jim Prentice laughably states that the program "will continue as planned." Yes, on the books but with no more funds in it, so I guess that technically qualifies. A missed opportunity to invest in renewable energy. But "Building a Green Economy," don't ya know.

Would dearly love to see the total dollars being dispensed on the p.r. front for this massive campaign. The ad budget for the action plan site, ads, promotional tour for the PM, Conservative MPs, the whole shebang. "Building a Green Economy" taking on a whole new meaning...:)