Monday, March 23, 2009

Dean Del Mastro in action tonight

If you caught Power Play tonight, the MP panel included Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro who provided viewers with a very enlightening moment for Canadians on the calibre of Conservative MPs and what they are willing to say at any given moment. They apparently have been unleashed to spew whatever comes to mind, vile as it may be.

During a brief discussion on the exclusion of British MP George Galloway from Canada, Mr. Del Mastro accused Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay of being soft on anti-semitism. Yes, that's right. He cited the large Jewish community in Findlay's riding and prodded that she should be standing up against anti-semitism by supporting the prohibition on Galloway. Which undermined the message that had just previously been delivered on the show by Minister Kenney. Kenney was careful to say that the Border Agency had denied Galloway's admission and that it was a security judgment, it was not about free speech said Kenney. Yet there was Del Mastro taunting Findlay as being soft on anti-semitism. This court challenge should be quite the spectacle, hope observers are taking note of Mr. Del Mastro's comments tonight. Let the cat out of the bag, did he? Excluding Galloway is but a wedge opportunity to play partisan politics against the Liberal party.

Is this really the kind of politics we need to be seeing from the governing party? They're seriously going to be charging Liberals with anti-semitism? Because that's off the charts, reprehensible, unwarranted, vile, a bridge too far rhetoric. Mr. Del Mastro should apologize to Ms. Findlay if he has any decency. Martha Hall Findlay is an MP whose integrity and judgment is impeccable. To be exposed to such an outlandish accusation on national television is an outrage.

And Mr. Del Mastro should be assured that he's significantly motivating the people in Peterborough to apply the boot to his parliamentary status in the next election.

(The clip for the MP panel has yet to make its way on to the CTV website.)