Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday notes

Yes, it's another lazy morning of note blogging...end of the week, don't ya know.

1. Video of the day: "Stephen Leave it to Beaver"

2. Please tell me this has nothing to do with this little group. Not saying there is. But it's worth asking the question.

3. CBC President Hubert Lacroix, quoted in a National Post report on the possibility of even more drastic cuts to come at CBC:
Mr. Lacroix also expressed unhappiness with the rumours that the government might help out some of the private broadcasters, like CTVglobemedia and CanWest Global, who are also in financial difficulty.

"In an environment where we were told (by the government) that there was no flexibility for us in terms of bridge financing, to read in the papers that (the private broadcasters) could be helped, with tax breaks or with conditions of their licenses being lifted, that's where I become disappointed," said Mr. Lacroix.
Yep. The double standard will be clear if that does indeed come to pass. When is that next Canwest deadline, anyway?

4. Speaking of which, a Canwest editorial stating CBC union leader is wrong to blame the government for CBC's funding woes. Surprise!

5. The Ontario budget is the really big news. Big editorials here and here.

6. Finally, we supposedly have government regulation that has prevented a "subprime type of situation" in Canada with respect to the housing market. Stephen Harper tells me so, right here. He says we have "nothing that requires major government intervention." Yet the Globe tells me otherwise:
A loose network of about 12 alternative mortgage lenders began lobbying the Prime Minister's Office and the Department of Finance in January about what they say is a looming problem: An estimated $3-billion to $5-billion worth of subprime mortgages are coming up for renewal over the next four years, and the lenders say they can't renew them because capital has dried up for higher-risk borrowers.
Sounds like a big problem that's seeking out some of that "major government intervention."