Thursday, March 12, 2009

The GritGirl gets her due

John Ivison's latest on the "mud-flinging" and a special word or two about the GritGirl, whoever she is:
Yet, if he is behind the GritGirl ads -- and he’s not saying -- Liberals should be congratulating him. They are timely, slick and kick the Conservatives where it hurts, by questioning their competency as economic managers. They get the message out at minimal cost -- crucial for a party with a no ad budget -- and even though they may be preaching largely to the converted, the viral nature of the internet gives considerable bang for the buck.
This is, of course, the ad Ivison is referencing:

Ivison may be amazed at the "studio quality ad" but these days, there are a lot of creative and talented individuals out there with nifty software and capabilities. Check out the YouTubes sometime, Mr. Ivison.