Friday, March 13, 2009

Harper's 3 "F's"

Details of Harper speaking to supporters at the Manning Institute for Democracy last night in this report. The Manning Institute, in case you don't know, is Preston Manning's "think-tank."

You really could spend a lot of time picking through the many statements and disagreeing and pointing out their inaccuracy, it really would take quite a while. For example, the speech was characterized by Akin as "...a passionate defence of conservatism in what has become an era of big-spending, big government." Interesting and ironic stuff coming from Mr. Harper. But keep in mind he was doling out red meat chum to the base and they're very hungry right now given the very big-spending, big government actions of Mr. Harper.

There was a choice aspect to his speech to have some fun with though:
Harper told the group that his version of conservatism is summed up "in three Fs:freedom, family and faith." mean this kind of freedom, for example?
"Heck, it wasn’t that long ago the PMO staked out popular social spots in Ottawa to spy on Conservative MPs dining with journalists, the better to pinpoint any unauthorized leaks."
No, I prefer three other "F's" to sum up the Harper version of conservatism:
Flaherty, fiscal, foolishness.
Try it for yourself, call it 3 F Friday.

And try not to use the obvious F word...:)

(h/t TT)