Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Helena Guergis' educational qualifications under scrutiny

A report from the Simcoe-Grey heartland raises some questions about the legitimacy of a Guergis representation to the electorate during the October campaign: "Guergis quest for Master's on hold."
Helena Guergis, Simcoe-Grey MP and cabinet minister, has put her aspirations for a graduate degree on hold.

In a profile in her campaign literature last fall, Guergis said she was "completing her Master's in Business Administration."

Her office was tight-lipped about her progress on that degree when it was contacted twice by theEnterprise-Bulletinin a follow-up to the election campaign.

Guergis would not return calls, but her office spokesperson Valerie Knight told the E-B that "I have great concern with your editor expressing so much interest in Minister Guergis personal life."

In the first contact, Knight denied that Guergis was studying for the degree.

"I answered your question the first time, perhaps you did not receive it? She is not," Knight wrote in an email.

After the second attempt to interview Guergis, when the Enterprise-Bulletinproduced the campaign literature, Knight clarified her original comment. She explained that Guergis had been studying for the degree, but wasn't pursuing it at present.

No further information was provided as to where Guergis was taking the program, how far she was from completing it or whether she would continue her quest for the degree at a later date. (emphasis added)
I'm sure all of the verifying information will be forthcoming, right? Details on where she was enrolled, when, etc. If it was indeed the case that she was "completing" her MBA, then that should be easy enough. When a person represents that they are "completing" an MBA, that gives the distinct impression that one is presently enrolled in an educational institution.

And since she raised the MBA as a qualification for her election in campaign literature, the issue is clearly not a matter of Guergis' personal life.

Looking forward to the explanation from the Minister.

(h/t to reader D)