Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I think the word is "chutzpah"

Most enjoyable quote I've heard in a while...out of the Senate in response to a very aggressive performance by Minister Flaherty before the Senate finance committee today. A strategy of the Conservatives now is to lay blame for delay on the opposition, specifically the Liberals and the Liberal dominated Senate. This was made especially clear today in Mr. Harper's speech and the first budget progress report that was released, both littered with the effort to blame and pressure the opposition. Needless to say, the effort was not appreciated and was sharply rebuked by a Senator, not of the Liberal persuasion:
Independent Progressive Conservative senator Lowell Murray was equally offended.

'It takes a lot of nerve for you come in here and lecture us about timing after you wasted two months with prorogation digging yourself out of the hole you got yourself into with the November statement," he said.
As a certain cynical person I know would say, that is all...

Update (9:35 p.m.): OK, one more thing. Noted in an AFP report on the G20 efforts, Canada's lagging and the Harper crew knows it:
"Canada is among the last of the G20 to present its stimulus plan."
G20 finance ministers and bank governors are meeting this weekend to update each other on progress.

Update II (Wednesday afternoon, and shamefully late): This is the appropriate link to the Cynic, of course. I was unaware of that post but am happy to correct. What is it they say...birds of a feather, and all that...:)