Thursday, March 26, 2009

James Moore: vote Conservative if you're enthusiastic about the CBC

Suhana Meharchand attempts to grill the smooth talking Moore whose professional career consists of a few brief years in radio broadcasting, watch here: speak quickly, Mr. Moore, speak quickly.

Unbelievable the running from responsibility in this interview. The tiresome Conservative refrain of "but, but, but...the Liberals" made an appearance at least twice. And there was the continued representation of the Conservative government as having increased the funding to CBC. He repeated this at least three times. That is clearly not the case. The Conservatives have cut funding to the CBC:
The federal government, which for the past seven years has given the CBC a non-recurring $60 million in special funding on top of its $1.1-billion base allocation, did not announce in this year's budget that the special funds would be renewed. If the money isn't given, the broadcaster's shortfall could go to over $200 million.
It is lunacy to maintain the position that Conservatives have increased funding for the CBC in light of that cut and particularly when the public sees it cutting programming, jobs and selling assets. Would have loved to have seen Don Newman probe Mr. Moore's answers here.

The kicker in the interview, Mr. Moore had the gall to state that if you're enthusiastic about the CBC, he said, you should be encouraging your family and friends to support the Conservative party! Their chutzpah knows no bounds. Somehow, I'm thinking that the CBC supporters will be enthusiastically parking their votes elsewhere.

(h/t ann douglas, Macleans)