Saturday, March 07, 2009

Letters to the editor

From the Edmonton Sun yesterday:
Robert Dziekanski was stunned with a Taser five times. As he lay dying, no attempts to revive him were made by attending RCMP. The RCMP's federal leadership told the B.C. detachment not to co-operate with the public inquiry. We know what happened because an independent citizen filmed the event; the officers' official reports told a different story. We need to be able to trust law enforcement. We also need to know that the federal minister responsible, Stockwell Day, will hold the senior RCMP management to account for attempting to interfere with an independent investigation.

Eugene Parks

(It's a real black eye.)
Now that's a letter...:)

Update (Sunday, way too early): A reader points out that Day is no longer the responsible minister. I believe it would actually be Peter Van Loan, the Minister of Public Safety who would now be responsible for the RCMP. I'm sure he'll be getting right on it...