Monday, March 16, 2009

Moore vs. CBC

What Willy Loman said: "What James Moore does not understand." Curious development in what is looking like a coming clash of some kind over CBC funding. Mr. Moore took it upon himself to publicly pronounce on what he doesn't like to see on CBC television in a widely broadcast interview and as a result, his meeting with the CBC board this week has been cancelled.

There is a lot of discussion bubbling about the future of the CBC these days (much of it coming in the pages of the National Post). The economic crunch may be providing Conservatives with their cover to reshape the CBC. Having suffered the consequences of unpopular arts cuts in the last election, not sure why they would be skating so close to this line again.

As the CBC struggles for ad revenues, consider the contrast where there's $400 million announced in a cross country tour by Peter MacKay these past few days for military base infrastructure. Cultural infrastructure counts too.

An issue to watch in coming days and weeks.