Saturday, March 21, 2009

On the Guergis watch

As always, in our continuing quest to explore the exploits of the Simcoe-Grey MP who mysteriously continues to thrive in our electoral system. The latest, to update the catalogue, a refusal to explain whether her campaign paid for a constituency newsletter that appeared in the riding during the last election campaign. Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin:
The E-B-- as well as several other media outlets in the riding -- have asked not only about this issue, but also the matter of whether her campaign paid for a four-page constituency newsletter sent out during the election.

Her campaign manager said they would, but based on what appears to be filed on her election expense, it's difficult to determine-- and thus far answers have not been forthcoming.
The first sentence there speaks to Guergis' refusal to clear up the confusion about her MBA status or lack thereof, as represented during the election. The Wasaga Sun has experienced the Guergis blow off as well:
The numbers are in for Simcoe-Grey MP Helena Guergis' 2008 election campaign, but so far it's unclear if the final tally includes the cost of a riding householder delivered in September, after the writ had dropped for the fall election, as was promised by Guergis and her campaign team.
Guergis has been in the riding since the expenses have been released, but she has not responded to any of the Herald's requests to speak with her.
To those who may think we're picking on poor Ms. Guergis, it's about her, yes, but it's an example of the Conservative mindset that believes they're above such minimum levels of accountability. What gives, really? Tone from the top not trickling down very well. Using a taxpayer funded publication during the campaign, not on. And refusing to talk to the media at all to provide an explanation...the cynicism and contempt that inherently displays toward your constituents is something that should be highlighted. The Guergis office really needs to clean this up, their sub par slacking is getting noticed. And by the way, an interesting indicator noted in that Wasaga Sun report, the Liberal candidate raised $31,459 in that last campaign, Guergis, $30,560.