Monday, March 02, 2009

Pesky rural Canadians...

This, I presume, is satire:
When earnest Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff told the Canadian Federation of Agriculture last week that he wanted to "earn back the trust" of rural Canadians, I had to stifle a giggle.

Mr. Ignatieff, rural Canada - as you may already suspect - currently belongs to Stephen Harper. There's a reason for that: He's one of us.
Really? He's one of you? This is a nice attempt to send up the rural/urban debate at the moment but the author is no Ian Brown.

The author makes two "key" points on rural values. From this, we can surely see how Mr. Harper is a natural choice for rural voters:
In the small town where I live, we value accountability. When I don't pay my off-leash fines, I can expect a phone call from the new bylaw officer or "they'll have to take the matter up with town council."

We also value thrift and pragmatism. While you were reading War and Peace to your lovely wife over the Christmas break, my partner and I were re-enacting the frozen country house scene from Dr. Zhivago. Our abnormally frigid December was spent chopping wood for our new EPA woodstove so we could save money. (emphasis added)
Yes. Because when we think about accountability or "thrift and pragmatism," Stephen Harper is the political figure who comes to mind. Not. But the rural folk must know best.

There's really important stuff here too...the changing a tire litmus test and spraying dandelions bit that are also part of the "one of us" equation set out by Ms. Robertson. All part of the satire? We can only hope.

On the whole, perhaps we should thank the author for this borderline attempt. Because we can clearly see how Stephen Harper, economist, is much more a rural type guy by all of these standards...:)