Wednesday, March 04, 2009

PMO politics of distraction continue

Teneycke senses a life preserver in the water...and he's lunging for it. Criticize Senator Baker, yes. Absolutely. Ridiculous and inappropriate comments about Newfoundland separation made by Senator Baker. But what is the who seeks equity must have clean hands? Let's count the problems in Conservative Senate land that make demands for Baker's expulsion a might hypocritical.

First we have Senator Duffy lecturing about inappropriate remarks. Having Duffy out front on this is rife with hypocrisy given Duffy's recent trail of embarrassments. And Senator Brazeau, hello? The Conservatives don't need to be giving anyone lessons on seating arrangements in the Senate. Let's see...who else in the recent Senate appointment frenzy might undermine supposed high moral ground being displayed by Conservatives? Oh yes, their appointment of a former activist Quebec separatist to the Senate. So, hearing Conservatives preach about who should be in the Senate and who shouldn't is a little rich at this point.

Anything else they can desperately latch on to while the Canadian economy sputters, the Minister of Industry is "caught off guard" by the loss of thousands of jobs and they are avoiding common sense accountability on budget matters?

I'm sure they'll think of something...:)