Monday, March 23, 2009

Right wing noise follow-up

Two things on this front this morning...

1. Conservative MP Laurie "Red Dawn" Hawn, doesn't like that handle apparently...he wrote to David Pugliese to complain that he only asked about possible Russian incursion into Vancouver Olympic airspace due to prior opposition questions on the day of those Defence Committee hearings. He was clarifying, he claims. Pugliese reviews the committee transcript and says, nope, the Russian linkage was all Hawn's.

Now what is going on this week that might prompt Hawn to attempt to distance himself from the red menace shtick...oh yes, this:
Russia's embassy in Canada is sending Dmitry Trofimov, the embassy's Head of Political Section, to appear Monday, March 23 as a witness before the House of Commons defence committee.

The topic for the meeting is listed as a “Briefing on the recent incident of a Russian military aircraft approaching Canada's Airspace.”
Could be interesting.

2. And regarding that atrocious display on the Fox late night panel this past week that many of us in the progressive blogosphere posted on in voicing our contempt for its ignorance and insensitivity toward Canadian military deaths, Sun Media has picked it up and asked Fox for comment, although they didn't get an answer:
Fox News was not immediately available for comment.
We might be hearing more on this from Fox this week now that our outrage is getting through to them.

Update (very belated Monday p.m.): For the record, Mr. Gutfeld has apologized:

Gutfeld, the host of the controversial segment on Fox's Red Eye show, said he never intended to make light of Canadian military efforts in Afghanistan.

"However, I realize that my words may have been misunderstood," Gutfeld said in a statement released by Fox News.

"It was not my intent to disrespect the brave men, women and families of the Canadian military, and for that I apologize.

"Red Eye is a satirical take on the news, in which all topics are addressed in a lighthearted, humorous and ridiculous manner."

Guess the joke's on we poor provincial Canadians, huh?