Friday, March 13, 2009

So deserving of parody

You know, a person just might get the impression that the PM's travels these days are all geared to providing new photo-op material for their brand new website. Within hours of today's event in London, Ontario, there's a brand new Stephen Harper photo to mark the occasion on, the highly choreographed construction worker number from earlier today. Guess they didn't have a photo of him in his blue and burgundy striped tie yet. It's all just so easy to lampoon, it's not surprising that the twin site has sprung up so quickly. I believe there are 19 pictures of Mr. Harper in total, by the time you scroll through the pictures on the front page of the government site.

While their actions are heavy on the photo-op front, their follow-through is not good. Recall Ms. Finley's admission this week that the government site cannot contend with the record traffic from jobless Canadians. And there's still the question of that $3 billion for infrastructure from the 2007 budget that remains unspent. Construction jobs, hello? So while the announcements today come with the typical high gloss effort and hordes of media in tow, the follow-through will be what counts.

In the spirit of helping them out with future photo-ops, and since it is Friday night and all...I'd suggest they take inspiration for future costumed occupations to line up behind the PM from the following little musical number:

P.S. What you don't see a heck of a lot of on the government's actionplan site? Women. Just sayin'...