Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some Question Period "highlights"

Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan was in fine form today:
The growing tide of gang-related shootings in Canada is linked to drug trade problem that has been growing "for many, many years," Canada's public safety minister said Sunday.

Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan told CTV's Question Period the shootings are a symptom of drug trade-related crimes, which he contends have not been treated seriously enough by previous governments.

"While under previous governments, people have pretended that there is no problem, where they have pretended that: 'You know what, drugs are not a big deal, you don't have to spend a lot of resources combating drugs.'" he said.
(emphasis added)
Showcasing his principled leadership skills for the Ontario race? Well done. Because "drug trade-related crimes" are clearly a partisan issue. Seems to me a probing question about the likelihood of the Harper government's mandatory sentences for gang-related crimes making any difference whatsoever, given the evidence from experts that it won't, would have been in order. Not open-ended general questions about what will make a difference.

What an uncomfortable segment that was led by Jane Taber with the premise of singling out public service executives for their bonuses. Both guests, by the end of the segment, successfully challenged the focus on public servants under the guise of equating them with private sector executives who've engaged in serious mismanagement.

As for that economic segment, I did enjoy the frequent mentions of whether the role of the PM is to "frighten" people. Keep saying "frighten people," Ted Menzies. Good topic.