Sunday, March 01, 2009

Walking back from the latest brink

Shorter John Baird today: don't mind the crazy uncle in the basement, we hear this shtick all the time. "Harper's talk of election born of frustration, says top minister."
One of Stephen Harper's senior ministers says his boss was speaking out of "frustration" when he speculated last week about a possible election if the opposition blocks Conservative efforts to speed up infrastructure spending.

Transport Minister John Baird, in an interview Sunday on CTV's Question Period, played down the chances of a parliamentary impasse that would actually send MPs back to the campaign trail.

Harper raised the possibility last Friday, after the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois all expressed reservations about a special $3-billion fund created by the Tories to cut red tape and quicken the pace of infrastructure spending promised in the last budget.

"I think it's a bit of frustration," Baird said when asked about the remarks.
Yeah, that frustration about delay in stimulus, of Harper's own making, has to just eat away at the Conservatives these days. The big climb down from Harper's threats:
Baird pulled back, however, when asked if the Tories were really ready to fight an election on the issue.

"I think common sense will prevail," he said. "Let's stay focused on what we can do to put a little hope and opportunity out there."
Harper clearly struck the wrong tone this week in waving this election red flag, yet again, the last thing people want to be hearing right now. It sounds like the Conservatives are dialling him back once again.

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