Monday, March 09, 2009

Your Conservative MPs in action

The red dawn strategy meets the Vancouver Olympics:
Witness one of the questions asked by Conservative MP and former CF fighter jock Laurie Hawn during an appearance last week by Vice Admiral Dean McFadden, head of Canada Command.

Mr. Hawn used the vice admiral’s appearance to drill home the new theme being touted by the Harper government of the increasing threat to Canada from the Russians (a few days earlier the Conservatives had been getting great headlines about the supposed attempt by two Russian Bear bombers to challenge Canadian airspace).

“Are we concerned about any aerial incursions by the Russians for the Vancouver Olympics?” Mr. Hawn asked.


This question came out of the blue. VAdm McFadden hadn’t even mentioned the Russians as a potential threat to the Olympics. There is no indication the Russians are planning anything of the sort (of course an incursion into airspace over Whistler and Vancouver would likely been seen as an act of war).

Adm. McFadden indicated to Mr. Hawn that he was not concerned about any Russian “incursions.” (He should have asked Mr. Hawn why in God’s name would the MP even think the Russians would try to fly bombers into Olympic airspace…but ever the polite naval officer, he didn’t).
Hard at work on the bidness of the nation, asking the pressing questions that just need to be asked...