Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ari Fleischer CNN appearance last night

In case you missed it, new Harper $20,000 per month consultant Ari Fleischer was on CNN last night demonstrating the art of a not-so-skilled media appearance. Video and transcript here. Fleischer did not come off that well, although I'm sure those of the Republican variety would say otherwise. The legalities of the torture issue, the facts, etc., didn't seem to be within Fleischer's grasp. Not that Paul Begala is much of a credible expert here either.

On the other hand, Fleischer did try to turn discussion of the torture investigation into a partisan witch hunt, pointing fingers at Democratic leaders and asking questions about whether they should be prosecuted as well (all 2 of the Democrats, Pelosi and Senator Bob Graham, who were supposedly "briefed" but with conflicting accounts of the depth and content of those briefings). So on that score, perhaps he's a very simpatico adviser for the Harper government.

The larger point for Canadians, this is the person the Harper government is spending Canadian tax dollars on and who it thinks wise to advise it on U.S. media appearances. People can judge that decision for themselves.