Saturday, April 18, 2009

Full circle

Judge Gomery yesterday:
A retired Quebec judge who oversaw an inquiry into the federal sponsorship scandal said Friday that unnecessary delays or outright denials of requests under the Access to Information Act are creating a lack of transparency in government.

John Gomery, speaking to a Canadian Bar Association luncheon in Regina, said this type of transparency is crucial to the Canadian public, to democracy and to society at large.

"It's a danger to open government and to our democratic institutions, frankly. A public this isn't informed is a public which isn't able to vote intelligently," he said.
In happier, more optimistic times:
Speaking on his 75th birthday and official retirement date, Mr. Gomery praised the Conservative government's showpiece Accountability Act, which included reforms to electoral laws and lobbying rules. But the former head of the inquiry into the sponsorship scandal warned that the job is far from over.

"I thought was a marvellous case of good intentions. As to whether or not those good intentions are going to be translated into government action is something that I think will take a little time," Mr. Gomery said in an interview.
Yep, time's up.