Thursday, April 09, 2009

Rattled, the morning after

A few follow-up items on Mr. Harper's moral compass offensive...

The Star has a report this morning which really has an unfortunate headline: "Harper, Ignatieff spar over Mulroney inquiry." It really should read: "Harper boxes with shadows over Mulroney inquiry." No one has put the existence of the Oliphant Mulroney-Schreiber inquiry into issue during this PC/Conservative fracas over the Mulroney membership in the Conservative party. The only person doing that is Mr. Harper, to set up some political argument for himself that he is the ethical government guy. We know how far that will get him, with his record. Ethics encompass (pardon the pun) much more than pay for play. Trust, integrity, believability, consistency, authenticity...little concepts like that fall under the ethics umbrella too. But it appears that's where he's going, if this is indeed yet another round of championship master chess playing coming our way...cough, cough...

For the record, the Star adds Michael Ignatieff's response last night to Mr. Harper's accusation that he lacks a moral compass:
Ignatieff brushed Harper's comments off as "nonsense" from a Prime Minister under fire from his own caucus.

"This is nonsense from a PM who is clearly frustrated that his ill-conceived strategy to distance his party from Mulroney is experiencing severe blowback within his caucus. We are completely in support of the inquiry," Ignatieff told the Star.
Also inspired to tackle the Harper-Mulroney dust-up, Lawrence Martin's column today. Includes a very, shall we say, evocative line that made me laugh.

P.S. Don't miss that photo accompanying the Star report, it may call for a caption...or three...:)