Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Snow in April?

A few notes worth looking at today for Mr. Harper and Mr. Ignatieff that give a pretty good indication of the general state of affairs these days...

Chantal Hebert's column will make a few waves today, surely: "Is it time for Harper's walk in the snow?" Fairly remarkable to think that within six months of reelection, albeit to a minority government, that the PM's grasp on his job is so tenuous as to inspire such musings. All the rage with the political chattering classes apparently and justifiably so, given the poll numbers and performance. And having to deal with the Mulroney distraction, again, today.

Also likely to be the subject of discussion, Michael Ignatieff's attendance in Washington on Thursday for a prestigious Afghanistan/Pakistan conference organized for Richard Holbrooke, Obama's point man on that region. You can find a link to the agenda, here, which actually looks quite interesting and substantive. I'm sure this development will be endlessly interpreted as a poke in the eye to the Conservatives. Given their incredible contortions to make it appear that they are Mr. Obama's new best friends forever despite their years of pro-Bush rhetoric and positioning, they certainly deserve a little retributive justice in the form of such little yet symbolic surprises.