Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Something you'd think would be beyond partisan exploitation...

But it's not. Headlines that speak for themselves: "Vast majority of disability funding goes to Tory ridings."
About 94 per cent of funding flowing through the Enabling Accessibly Fund went project in Tory ridings, the Liberals say.

Just 6 per cent of the $36 million in projects funded so far ended up in ridings held by opposition parties, they found.
The Liberal analysis is based on information about the EAF tabled by the government in the House of Commons earlier this week that listed the projects by their federal ridings. It showed that 166 smaller projects were granted funding while another 562 were turned down.

Liberal MP Michael Savage said it was “pretty blatant” that the money was directed to Tory ridings. He said he’s sure the approved projects were worthwhile, but says it’s not fair those in other ridings didn’t get money.

“There are 306 other ridings in this county that have people with disabilities who are crying out for assistance. Who gets funding shouldn’t be determined who your representative is.”
Stephen Harper's Canada, ladies and gentlemen...where the partisan spending extravaganza knows absolutely no bounds.

Update (Thursday a.m.): Whoopsie, the Prog Blogfather got this one too, h/t!