Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This has been another edition of Conservative MPs, awesome parliamentarians

First up, Burlington Conservative Mike Wallace deploys his formidable oratorical skills to offer the Canadian public the latest in worthy Conservative public policy inquiry from the floor of the House of Commons:
Mr. Mike Wallace (Burlington, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, the Liberal leader finally let the cat out of the bag about his real intentions regarding taxes. He plans to raise them. Canadians should be very worried by these comments. Liberals have never met a tax they did not like.

Would Canada's Minister of Transport remind the House of the actions this government is taking to wisely spend Canadian tax dollars while also acting to reduce the tax burden on Canadian families in a time of economic uncertainty?
Do we detect a theme, dreamt up for these empty vessels to spew forth? Think so. Please, give the Canadian public, hungering for principled, visionary leadership some more, good Conservative parrots:
Ms. Candice Hoeppner (Portage—Lisgar, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, the Liberal Party sure loves taxes.

Last week we learned that the Liberal leader plans to hike taxes on Canadian families, a tax hike at the worst possible time, and there is never a good time to raise taxes.

Then again, it is not really a surprise. The Liberal Party wanted to raise the GST and the Liberal leader campaigned on the job-killing carbon tax.

Conservatives are taking action to help Canadian families with our economic action plan. Liberals are trying to take their hard-earned dollars away.

How much would the Liberal leader's tax hike cost Canadians? Which taxes will he hike and by how much will he raise them? Which Canadians will be forced to pay? Canadians deserve an honest answer.
Mr. Speaker, the Conservative Party "sure loves" repeating its fake argumentation!

In fact, they took the opportunity to abuse their time during Members Statements to repeat these fabricated arguments four times of the seven statements they made on their first day back in Parliament after the two week absence. And they did so in the midst of statements from other parties on the earthquake in Italy and the death of Canadian soldier Karine Blais. 

Awesome parliamentarians, just sit back and watch them go...