Friday, April 10, 2009

Well that was quick

There's what Stephen Harper says on Wednesday:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Wednesday he has no answers when it comes to controversy surrounding former prime minister Brian Mulroney's status as a card-carrying Conservative.

"I can't address that subject. I don’t honestly know the answer. I’ve been reading and hearing different things," he said.

Last month, reports said senior Conservatives sought out reporters to tell them that Mulroney had given up his party membership card. (emphasis added)
Then there's what's reported on Friday:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper, from overseas, was aware of and agreed with plans to leak stories that would distance him and the current party leadership from former prime minister Brian Mulroney, the Star has learned.

A Conservative party source speaking on background said Harper was in contact with his chief of staff, Guy Giorno, and communications director Kory Teneycke, the officials behind the idea, while he was in Europe last week.

Harper went along with the plan to leak a story that Mulroney had asked to be taken off party lists, the source said. It was later suggested Mulroney's membership lapsed in 2006. But Mulroney, through a spokesperson, said it was not so: he'd be a Conservative till the day he died.

"He (Harper) knew and he agreed to it," said the source, referring to plans to leak the original story. "They thought they could differentiate between old Conservatives and new Conservatives, Progressive Conservatives and the Conservative Party of Canada. And of course it's a ridiculous notion."
Thanks, Conservative party source, for clearing that up for us.

Update: While there is just the one source mentioned by MacCharles, I'm assuming that she has good cause to rely on it for her report.