Thursday, April 02, 2009

While the cat's away...

The politics of the Mulroney bashing by the Harper gang are too appealing to let go yet. A few more points...

This doesn't sound like the activity of a non-member:
A check by Sun Media reveals Mulroney and his wife Mila have donated nearly $15,000 to the Conservative Party and Conservative candidates since 2004.

The most recent donations were made during last fall's general election -- a year after Harper told members of his government not to have any dealings with the former prime minister until after the inquiry into his dealings with businessman Karlheinz Schreiber runs its course.

The party has not returned any of Mulroney's donations.
Maybe they should if he's all just too tainted for their high and mighty ethics, don't ya know. They of the in-and-out scheme, Cadman allegations, etc., etc.

Does the "courage" shown by outspoken Conservatives on Brian Mulroney's treatment have anything to do with the many miles presently between them and the travelling Mr. Harper? Wonder if we'd have seen a similar number of supporters expressing themselves publicly had the PM been in town. Despite the directive from the PMO that all questions were to be directed to it on the Mulroney question, the directive was ignored. Giving us perhaps a preview of life after Harper.

Additionally, what they believe they're accomplishing with this poke in the eye is puzzling:
Other officials have recently asked reporters to refer to Mulroney as a "Progressive Conservative" prime minister, rather than Conservative — all part of a move to distance Harper from Mulroney and the controversy that surrounds him.
That has to irritate those from the PC background. Why send such signals to a large group within your party? Very strange that they would go out of their way on this petty point.

Might this whole mess have been motivated by recent media columns like this one from Mulroney ally L. Ian MacDonald that wasn't exactly flattering to Mr. Harper? Or MacDonald's positive comments about the recent Ignatieff Montreal speech? Could be. But short-sighted move.

Andrew Steele has a good view on it, they should be staying silent during the Oliphant Commission on Mulroney, not drawing attention to him and therefore the hearings in this clumsy backfiring manner. The commission just took a break after Tuesday until April 14th and Mr. Mulroney's received more attention for this membership issue than the hearings.

But really enjoying the excellent Conservative strategery, as always.